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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When to Enlist A Pro?

  Sometimes you can look at an existing thing and see it basically for what it is, or was. Other times you need an ability to see what it could be.

  I have no simple explanation for how we see things differently but it's the adventure of what I do. One of the most interesting parts of changing a home around involves listening to what you want or need and finding a way to make that happen.

  Some things are straightforward and just need to be made sound and functional. Others involve respecting the look and feel of what was original and requires an understanding of older things. (It's where the term "residential archaeology"  came from).

  I've referred elsewhere to how easy it is to underestimate how long it takes to do things. Understanding how things in a home go together goes a long way toward seeing  how it can be repaired or improved.

  If you want to know how to actually do it yourself, and realistically what to expect to run into, I can explain that. If you run into something you don't think you want to do I can do that as well.

  Sometimes you just have to know when it's wiser to have the professional do it. Learning how to do things is really rewarding if you learn how to do it safely. The satisfaction you get from knowing how to improve or change a home is really gratifying.

 In the future I'll go over some observations on what what we think things should cost and what they are actually worth.

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